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Neighborhood of Your Choice?

October 17, 2018 / Category: Buyer Services, Home Buying Tips

When you are moving to a new town sizing up potential neighborhoods is a great first step. You may find yourself completely absorbed in finding the perfect home, but it won’t be the best choice if the neighborhood is not what you are looking for.


Doing a little online research can be valuable in gathering information about possible neighborhoods. Other than simply googling it, you can explore websites like City-Data or Nextdoor to gain even more insight. Once you have gotten a feeling for the neighborhood, you will be able to approach open houses and showings with a leading edge. And don’t forget to ask the neighbors! Neighbors are an incredibly rich resource of information that many home buyers simply fail to investigate.

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Initiating laid back conversations in a neighborhood grocery store or coffee house are some of the most valuable ways to find interesting tidbits about the neighborhood and surrounding community. Most neighbors will love telling you all about the following three topics.


  1. Crime: Is crime an issue? Is there a Neighborhood Watch?
  2. Events: Are there block parties or neighborhood garage sales?
  3. Schools: What are the best schools in the area?


The answers to these questions will be a good gauge of the quality of life in a neighborhood. They will often serve to open conversation to wider subjects, so you can gain an even deeper understanding. After talking to several people, you will get an impression of how friendly the area is and how welcome you will feel there. If you like the community it is a good indicator that others will think highly of it too. This is a good sign for the future of property values.


When you work with our team, we will start you out with an extensive range of local knowledge – and of course the most up to date information on neighborhood developments. Call us today!




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